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Our Story

With over 20 years of Pest Control experience Kendah thrived and became the best to offer

 extraordinary pest control services.

Instead of simply eliminating pests, aim for a permanent solution.

Kendah is dedicated to protecting homes and facilities from pests and insects through safe methods and pesticides administered by licensed pest management specialist We have multiple locations throughout the country to provide you convenient access to our services As a pest control company, our focus is securing our clients homes and facilities and keeping them safe

Let us be your shield against unwanted critters!

KENDAH employs a comprehensive approach to controlling public health pests, which aligns with Dubai Municipality's vision of "Developing a Happy and Sustainable City." We value our clients' experiences and continually strive to improve our services.

Our  highly trained pest control specialists can help you bid farewell to pests forever. Our use of "Odorless Insect Specific" products, along with our cutting-edge techniques and tools, guarantee hassle-free pest re


Your family's health and happiness are of utmost importance to us!



Here are some science principles behind KENDAH products and techniques:
- Pest behavior: to target specific pests at different stages of their lifecycle.
- Pest Detection: Kendah uses advanced technology for detection to identify the type and severity of the infestation.
- Integrated Pest Management (IPM): KENDAH combines different pest control methods to achieve long-term pest control while minimizing the use of pesticides.
- Pesticide Formulation: Our products are harmless and innovative



Our products are designed to effectively control pests while minimizing potential risks or hazards.

How are we safe?

  1. Our products meet safety standards set by the EPA with UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment certification.

  2. Products’ formulations are less harmful to the environment than traditional pesticides. This includes using natural ingredients like plant oils and botanical extracts.

  3. They only target specific pests, minimizing their impact on non-target organisms.



KENDAH follow IPM to focus on minimizing the use of pesticides and prioritizes the use of non-toxic control methods.

This approach is designed to reduce the potential risks to human health.

The products are extensively tested for safety before they are approved to be utilized. 

our  focus on safety is not limited to our products alone. We also prioritize safety in our application techniques and equipment, ensuring that our clients are protected from any harm throughout the pest control process.



Our products are of high-quality with minimal potential risks to humans, animals, and the environment.
KENDAH has been in the industry for more than 20 years and our team of experts are knowledgeable about pest behavior and the pest control methods. We value our clients. we provide support and advice to customers before, during, and after pest treatment services. 

 KENDAH has established itself as a reputable and reliable player in the pest control industry, and its focus on customer satisfaction has undoubtedly contributed to its success.


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